Tall Pure White Test 4 My goal as a real estate professional is not to educate clients on every part of the transaction. It is to get the best possible deal.

The average homeowner moves within five years. If you overpay when you buy, you will likely not get your money back when you sell; and worse, you could go in the hole over unseen seller expenses such as termite treatment or a radon mitigation system.

Homes become stigmatized as they sit on the market month after month. For sellers, especially those who overpaid, it is imperative to get the most out of your property in the shortest amount of time. This requires accurate and realistic valuing.

I've spent years buying, selling, and leasing properties in Virginia; and know that every expense in life is an investment, and every parcel should be viewed as if it were a business opportunity. My approach to valuing properties protects buyers; and sellers can have realistic expectations for getting their property sold fast, and for what it is worth.

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